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  • We need a “Marshall Plan” to save primary care, public health infrastructure

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    By Christopher Crow, MD, MBA, President of Catalyst Health network and Tom Banning, CEO of Texas Academy of Family Physicians

    Following the devastation of World War II, the United States enacted the Marshall Plan to rebuild a heavily damaged Europe. Our war against this novel coronavirus is far from over, but it is already wreaking havoc on the nation’s primary care workforce. Our frontline health care providers are putting themselves at risk every day without proper personal protective equipment while community-based primary care clinics are facing economic disaster.

    We need a Marshall Plan for our primary care and public health infrastructure.

  • We're all in this together

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    By Kathy McCarthy, TAFP COO

    When TAFP was formed, the membership was largely homogenous. Not just in demographics, but in practice setting. Over the years, that has changed and while many members still own small practices, they are no longer the majority. The day-to-day practice of a family physician member of TAFP is varied, with some in larger groups with no ownership stake, some working in ERs and urgent care, some at FQHCs and public health clinics, some working as hospitalists, some focusing on providing palliative care, and, of course, some educating the next generation of family physicians. With that variety amongst our members, we know that the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on our membership is also varied.

    There are some common threads that likely resonate with you. As scientists you are working to understand the virus and reading all you can. As physicians you are concerned about your patients and working on strategies to continue caring for them, often with limited PPE. As mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, you worry about your family – especially those who are more vulnerable. As leaders in whatever setting you practice, you worry about your health care team. You watch with alarm the percentage of the coronavirus positive cases who are health care providers, here and in other countries. If you are a parent of school-age children, you are scrambling to figure out how to keep them engaged and learning at a time when schools are closed with many are not reopening this term. You feel the loss of not being able to gather at churches and other community events.

  • COVID-19 resources

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    COVID-19 resources

    TAFP is collecting and developing COVID-19 resources to help address your needs during the pandemic.

    Governmental resources

    The Texas Department of State Health Services … more

  • Houston family practice encounters COVID-19

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    Lessons learned: A conversation with Clive Fields, MD, of VillageMD

    By Jonathan Nelson

    In late February, a patient came in to Village Medical in Houston for her annual exam. She had just returned from Egypt. She presented with mild respiratory symptoms and received appropriate treatment. Three days later, she was notified that some of her travel companions had tested positive for COVID-19. Village Medical referred her to the health department, which in turn referred her to the emergency room where she was hospitalized. Four days later, the CDC confirmed the patient had the new coronavirus. The family physician and nurse who cared for her are now quarantined at home for 14 days and others who came in brief contact with her are being monitored for symptoms, including persistent fever.

    The experience has caused Clive Fields, MD, chief medical officer and co-founder of VillageMD, to think a lot about how the country’s frontline physicians should be prepared to handle this potential pandemic.

  • Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) resources

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    As more cases of COVID-19 are confirmed, family physicians should focus on preparation and prevention. Patients will likely have questions and concerns, and you may experience an increase in patients with respiratory symptoms. Now is the time to prepare yourself and your practice for the possibility that the virus will spread. TAFP will share resources as this situation evolves.

    The Texas Department of State Health Services COVID-19 resource page for health professionals includes criteria to guide testing for persons under investigation, a health care professional preparedness checklist, and information about personal protective equipment.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established a site to house information about the virus as it is discovered.