Meet the new TAFP Communications Specialist, Samantha White

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On the eve of a recent photo shoot, I walked through my usual pre-shoot routine. Charge the battery. Empty the memory cards. Clean the lens. Load up the camera bag. A series of steps I’ve done so many times I could now complete successfully in my sleep. This shoot would be different, however. The following morning I would be shooting my first set of images for TAFP’s Texas Family Physician, a magazine I’m sure you are all aware of.

I took over Kate’s reins as your communications specialist early in October (no worries though, she’s still around!) and have been nothing but excited about working for TAFP. She spent a few weeks teaching me much of what she knows and I feel fortunate to have her as a mentor in the position.

Born and raised in the panhandle (mostly Lubbock), I ventured south to get my photojournalism degree from UT Austin. I’ve been here in Austin for over six years now, and am a true Texan at heart. I’ve worked as a freelance photographer for about that long as well, shooting everything from babies and families to editorial images.   

In addition to shooting photos for the magazine, I will also join Jonathan and Kate in writing content for our quarterly publication. I’ll be maintaining and our multiple social media presences (@TXFamilyDocs on Twitter and our TAFP Facebook page), as well as some other web-related things. Feel free to e-mail me with any web concerns or questions, as well as anything you’d like to see broadcasted on our blog, in the magazine, or on social media. I’d love to hear from you!

I’m excited to be another creative mind at the TAFP table and to represent all of our family docs across the state. I have already had the opportunity to meet a few of you and cannot wait to meet more!

– samantha

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  • Patti White said

    Best blog I've ever read. I'm one proud mama!

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