This year, resolve to reach out when you need help

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By Anticipate Joy

There is no doubt you have experienced extreme stressors in 2020, and now is a great time to determine where you want to be in the new year. Discussing New Year’s resolutions can feel somewhat cliche but can absolutely have benefits. 

It’s a common practice for physicians to “cope alone.” Your schedules are chaotic, your expectations are near unreachable, and looking forward to retirement is sometimes your only effective strategy for coping with the turmoil. 

The Medscape National Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2018 ( showed that 66% of male physicians and 58% of female physicians who reported burnout, depression, or both had never received professional help, were not currently seeking professional help, and did not plan to seek professional help.

Meeting the mark by excelling professionally while living exhausted, worn out, and unfilled is a great recipe for disaster. Consider the long-term consequences of how burnout can negatively impact you and your loved ones. 

Do you want to improve job satisfaction and be present with those you love the most? Do you want to have healthier relationships, reduce depression and pessimism, gain better insight, and improve your overall sense of well-being? Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself as you get the new year off to a better start.

  1. Balance is key. Are there responsibilities you have taken on or commitments you can eliminate to establish a margin for self-care?
  2. Know your limitations. Have you accepted that you can’t be everything for everybody?
  3. Celebrate small successes. Do you take time to notice the minor achievements?
  4. Have self-compassion. Do you hold yourself to an unrealistic standard that you don’t hold others to?
  5. Allow yourself grace to fail and be willing to utilize the tools available to improve your well-being. Can you embrace your imperfections?

Irritability, impatience, and unrest does not have to be the theme of this new year. Seeking help in a private, convenient, and confidential way. Anticipate Joy is an online counseling platform with licensed mental health therapists that offers services as a benefit to TAFP active and resident members. Make a commitment to organize your priorities and begin 2021 with this TAFP benefit TODAY. 


Your benefits

TAFP has purchased a bulk of sessions making online therapy available to you at a significantly reduced rate of $35 per session when you use the TAFP access. These sessions are available for active and resident members.

Access the Anticipate Joy service

Scan this QR code or use this link:

5 easy steps to get started

  • 1. Get Access. Use the customized scan code or this link to access your organization’s mental health benefits.
  • 2. Complete a brief intake. Answer a few questions about you.
  • 3. Purchase session(s). Take advantage of the low TAFP member rate. Purchase up to four sessions.
  • 4. Select a therapist. Review available therapists using filters and request a therapist that best fits your needs.
  • 5. Pick a time. After the therapist approves your request, select an appointment time that works for you and your therapist.

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