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By Anticipate Joy

It’s 2022 and sad to say the stigma surrounding seeking mental health services is still alive and well. Despite well-intended efforts to reduce the stigma, many people continue to see mental health issues as a sign of weakness, leaving those who suffer from mental illness feeling alone in their struggle. However, if mental health is a concern for you, you are far from alone. In 2019, 20.6% of U.S. adults experienced mental illness, representing 51.5 million people or one in five adults. 5.2% of U.S. adults experienced serious mental illness, representing 13.1 million people or one in 20 adults. Mental illness is more common than you might believe, demonstrating that you are not the only one struggling.

Of particular concern, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, early evidence suggests the rate of depression in physicians across age groups is 25%. A study evaluating barriers to treatment for physicians found that 70% of physicians with moderate to severe depression reported “getting an appointment that fits my schedule” as a major barrier to mental health treatment.

While these statistics may be concerning, the Texas Academy of Family Physicians has made your mental health a priority by making online professional counseling services available at a discount. Our mission at Anticipate Joy is to help those who are struggling and make mental health care accessible and stigma-free. That’s why you can access licensed mental health providers when it fits your schedule in the convenience of your own home. Our ambition is to reduce the stigma so those suffering in silence can get the help and support they need.

If you need additional help to improve your quality of life, reduce stress, and increase joy, Anticipate Joy has licensed mental health providers who can help. You can access individual therapy sessions at a deeply discounted rate because TAFP has invested in your long-term well-being and your professional success. Take advantage of this TAFP benefit today.


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Your benefits

TAFP has purchased a set of sessions making online therapy available to you at a significantly reduced rate of $35 per session when you use the TAFP access. These sessions are available for active and resident members.

5 easy steps to get started

  • 1. Get Access. Use this link to access your organization’s mental health benefits.
  • 2. Complete a brief intake. Answer a few questions about you.
  • 3. Purchase session(s). Take advantage of the low TAFP member rate. 
  • 4. Select a therapist. Review available therapists using filters and request a therapist that best fits your needs.
  • 5. Pick a time. After the therapist approves your request, select an appointment time that works for you and your therapist.

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