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  • Family physician’s relationship with his patients returns inspiration, support

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    An excerpt from Dr. Justin Bartos’ Physician of the Year acceptance speech

    By Justin V. Bartos III, M.D.

    Thank you for the great honor of being named the 2012 Texas Family Physician of the Year. It is a dream come true. As you work on behalf of your patients, your practice, and the specialty of family medicine, you often wonder if this effort is recognized by your colleagues. It is extremely gratifying to receive such an award.

    I practice under the Medical Clinic of North Texas, which comprises more than 150 primary care physicians. I also spend a portion of my time as the medical director of the Dr. David Pillow Senior Health Clinic at HCA North Hills Hospital. This has been a very fulfilling part of my practice. David Pillow was my mentor when I started my practice 27 years ago. Using the fundamentals of the patient-centered medical home we have a very effective proactive team approach to senior care.