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  • Why MIPS-eligible clinicians need an EIDM account

    TMF Health Quality Institute


    The Enterprise Identity Management system enables health care providers to establish a single user ID to use across multiple CMS applications. Clinicians and applicable practice staff should have an EIDM account. This article will explain why clinicians who are eligible for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System should have an account and how to open and maintain an account.

  • An emphatic plea for psychiatry support in our communities

    By Janet L. Hurley, MD

    It’s taken a while for me to be ready to write about this. It is challenging as a physician to have things go wrong with a patient—badly wrong. Such situations are a major cause of physician burnout and job dissatisfaction. Some years ago I had such an event, and the effect was harrowing.

    Suffice it to say we need more mental health resources in many Texas communities to provide needed services to patients and support to primary care physicians. As I speak to family physicians across the state, I learn the challenges my region experiences with insufficient mental health access are not unique. I am tired of patients being dismissed from mental health institutions back into the care of their primary care physician because there is no psychiatrist to see them for follow-up. I am tired of the insufficient payment structure that makes psychiatrists move to cash-only arrangements, limiting a patient’s ability to afford their care. I’m tired of having to treat refractory depression, advanced bipolar, and psychosis, simply because there are limited psychiatrists to do it. This simply needs to change.

  • Atlantic Health Partners offers low costs vaccines and support to TAFP members

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    By Perdita Henry

    TAFP often engages, supports, and partners with organizations whose missions and values align with our own. Atlantic Health Partners is one of those organizations, and they are dedicated to making sure busy practicing physicians have access to the vaccines needed to keep their patients healthy.

    They offer low prices on a comprehensive portfolio of immunizations and provide exemplary customer service.

  • Preparing for the business side of running a practice

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    By Perdita Henry

    TAFP recently launched the brand-new educational platform, Practice MEd, specifically designed to help residents learn the business side of running a practice.

    This new educational tool incorporates user-friendly, interactive multimedia learning, and allows users to learn at their own pace. Practice MEd can be used as a standalone learning tool for practice management education or as a supplement to current training. These modules also count toward the 100 hours of health system management training required by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.