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By Samantha White

With the 88th Texas Legislature underway this week, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on some exciting opportunities for family docs to take part in this session. Whether you’re new to Texas politics or have spent time in the Capitol in sessions past, here are a few ways you can be a part of history and advocate for family medicine.

Serve as Physician of the Day

As a service to the Texas Legislature, TAFP provides a family physician in the Capitol every day during the legislative sessions. The program not only provides an important service to legislators, their staffs and families, and Capitol visitors if need arises, but also reinforces the specialty’s role as the foundation of a strong health care system.

As Physician of the Day, you are introduced in both the Senate and House of Representatives and your name becomes a permanent part of the official legislative record. You’ll spend the day in the Capitol clinic with Katherine Lindley, FNP, seeing anywhere between 25 and 40 patients, depending on the day. You can bring a medical student or family medicine resident to the clinic with you as a way to promote family medicine to the future workforce.

> Learn more and sign up to serve as Physician of the Day this session

Sign up for TAFP’s Key Contacts program

Signing up for the Key Contacts program is as easy as completing a quick form that lets us know if you already have a standing relationship with any of your legislators, or if you’d like to start building one. As legislative battles heat up, legislators need to hear from family physicians like you about how medicine should be practiced. Being a Key Contact is a significant way to serve as a resource to your legislators to advocate for the specialty of family medicine and patient care. It’s also an easy way to stay in the know on all that will take place in the Capitol during the 88th Texas Legislature.

> Sign up to be a Key Contact

Attend TMA’s primary care First Tuesday in February

The Texas Medical Association holds First Tuesday events throughout the legislative session, providing a platform for health care professionals to advocate for their respective specialties and the medical community at large. Attendees visit the Capitol and speak with their representatives regarding significant health care issues. The February First Tuesday event, held February 7, will highlight issues specific to primary care. TMA encourages family docs from across the state (just like you!) to join them at the Capitol in your white coats to demonstrate broad support for policy solutions. If you haven’t advocated at the Capitol before, TAFP and TMA staff will be in attendance to guide you.

> Learn more and RSVP for February’s primary care First Tuesday


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