Preparing for the business side of running a practice

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By Perdita Henry

TAFP recently launched the brand-new educational platform, Practice MEd, specifically designed to help residents learn the business side of running a practice.

This new educational tool incorporates user-friendly, interactive multimedia learning, and allows users to learn at their own pace. Practice MEd can be used as a standalone learning tool for practice management education or as a supplement to current training. These modules also count toward the 100 hours of health system management training required by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

The modules include quizzes and assessments to ensure key concepts are learned. Practice MEd tracks learner performance and progress down to the minute, providing insight into how users are faring and whether the training strategy is achieving its goals and objectives.

TAFP is providing this service to residency programs free of charge.

If you are a resident interested in utilizing this new tool, contact your residency program director and ask them to email Juleah Williams at All they must do is provide a list of interested residents and their email addresses. TAFP will take care of the rest.

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