Blue Button makes finding Medicaid patient records simple

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Medicaid providers can now find their patients’ medical histories on Medicaid Eligibility and Health Information Services added the Blue Button to the site in September.

Once a provider or office staff receives a client’s consent, they can log in to the site and click on the Blue Button to see and download the client’s health information. The information can then be saved as a Portable Document Format document, a Clinical Document Architecture data file, or a simple text file. Once saved, it can be imported into the provider's health management tool.

The YourTexasBenefitsCard Blue Button is assembled from client data found in the current database and claims data stored in the Medicaid Claims Administrator System. It generates easily accessible patient records on the website for providers to download, import, or print.

Having access to reliable health information gives providers a more complete picture of their patients’ health. Having the ability to view, print, and export the client’s health information could make it easier to transfer information when referring patients and taking on new ones. It keeps everyone on the same page when multiple doctors are treating a patient. For more information, email Alessandra Reyes at

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