Innovators Competition - Judging criteria

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Judging criteria for the TAFP Behavioral Health Integration Innovators Competition


To be eligible, entries must be from a primary care practice in Texas. Individuals and teams that participate must select a setting of care and develop a submission.


The judges will assign equal weight to each of the following two main evaluation criteria when evaluating the submissions:

Is this a great innovation?

Questions judges will be asking when evaluating this criterion will include:
—  First and foremost, is this feasible for family physicians?
—  Are the best practices clear, concise, and measurable?
—  Has the team done what is required better than other competitors?

Will this innovation make a significant impact?

Judges will imagine that entries will inspire others to integrate behavioral health services in their practices.
—  Do they tackle the underlying integration barriers?
—  Is the model broadly applicable across a variety of practice environments and patient populations?
—  Have they clearly described the impact of their model?


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