Exemplary Teaching awards

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Past recipients

2004 — Lynda Barry, MD
2005 — Darryl White, MD (full-time)
2005 — Tammy Pon, MD (part-time)
2006 — K. Ashok Kumar, MD
2007 — Gil C. Grimes, MD
2008 — Tricia C. Elliott, MD
2009 — Shobha Rao, MD
2010 — Ulysses Urquidi, MD
2011 — Jonathan MacClements, MD
2012 — Donald Briscoe, MD
2013 — William Huang, MD
2014 — Dan Sepdham, MD
2015 — Adrian Billings, MD, PhD (volunteer)
2015 — Nora Gimpel, MD
2016 — Grant Fowler, MD
2017 — Nida (Joy) Emko, MD (part-time)
2017 — Marcy Wiemers, MD (full-time)
2018 — Chrisette Dharma, MD (volunteer)
2018 — Mary Anne Snyder, DO (part-time)
2018 — Charmaine Martin, MD (full-time)
2019 — Tharani Ravi, MD (part-time)
2019 — Fozia A. Ali, MD (full-time)

Exemplary Teaching awards

The TAFP created the Texas Exemplary Teaching Award in 2004. This award is given to physicians recognized for exemplary teaching skills by medical students, resident or peers or to physicians who developed and implemented innovative new teaching models or programs. 

Please note that nominations can be made in the full-time, part-time or volunteer faculty categories. Physicians nominated in the full-time or part-time categories should hold a regular faculty appointment, and teach and practice exclusively in an academic setting. Physicians nominated in the volunteer category should not practice in an academic setting, but engage in volunteer teaching activities. All nominees must be TAFP members.

Nomination requirements

  • Submit a completed nomination form,
  • Submit a typed copy of a current curriculum vitae limited to five pages,
  • Submit a current head-and-shoulders photo of the candidate, and
  • Submit a minimum of three and maximum of five letters of recommendation. At least two must be from individuals who are current or former students/residents who have been taught by the nominee.

The Commission on Academic Affairs will judge submissions.

Nominees will be evaluated on their commitment and contributions in the areas of teaching, patient care, community service and scholarly activity. The nominees will be rated on each section on a 5-point Likert scale with 0 indicating the absence of such activity, 3 indicating consistent demonstration of the activity, and 5 indicating outstanding demonstration of the activity.

2020 awards will be presented at the TAFP Annual Session and Primary Care Summit in Grapevine on Nov. 7, 2020.

Questions should be addressed to Juleah Williams by email at jwilliams@tafp.org or by phone at (512) 329-8666, ext 135.

Nominations must be received by TAFP by March 9, 2020.

Please mail or email nominations to:

Juleah Williams
Texas Academy of Family Physicians
12012 Technology Boulevard, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78727