Physician of the Year

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Past recipients

1982 — Lawrence Feller, MD
1983 — Weldon G. Kolb, MD
1984 — Barry N. Squyres, MD
1985 — William R. Gaddis, MD
1986 — Durwood Neal, MD
1987 — O. C. Cooper, MD
1988 — Bobby Jack Estes
1989 — Seth Cowan, MD
1990 — A. Earl Mgebroff, MD
1991 — Walt Wilkerson Jr, MD
1992 — Robert Sullivan, MD
1993 — Jack L. Eidson, MD
1994 — Norma Porres, MD
1995 — William C. Smith, MD
1996 — Harold R. High, MD
1997 — Raymond Thomas, MD
1998 — Leonard Paul, MD
1999 — Douglas Curran, MD
2000 — Leah Raye Mabry, MD
2001 — Donald R. Niño, MD
2002 — David Wright, MD
2003 — Louis B. Hughes, MD
2004 — T. David Greer, MD
2005 — Cayetano Barrera, MD
2006 — Erica Swegler, MD
2007 — John Richmond, MD
2008 — John Ramsay, MD
2009 — Larry Karrh, MD
2010 — Lloyd Van Winkle, MD
2011 — Tom E. Mueller, MD
2012 — Justin Bartos III, MD
2013 — Jasmine Sulaiman, MD
2014 — Russell Thomas, DO
2015 — Antonio Falcon, MD
2016 — K. Ashok Kumar, MD
2017 — Jorge Duchicela, MD
2018 — Rodney B. Young, MD
2019 — Sheri J. Talley, MD
2020 —Adrian Billings, MD

Texas Family Physician
of the Year

In existence since 1982, the Physician of the Year Award is one of TAFP’s highest honors. Consider your colleagues and submit nominations.

Nominees should:

  • Provide the community with compassionate and caring medical service on a continuing basis,
  • Be directly and effectively involved in community activities that enhance the quality of life of his/her home area,
  • Provide a credible and invaluable role model, as a healer and human being to the community, and as a professional in the science and art of medicine to colleagues, other health professionals and, especially to young physicians in training and medical students,
  • Be in good standing in the medical community,
  • Be active, practicing members of AAFP and TAFP,
  • Have been in practice for at least 10 years with no plans to retire for at least two years, and
  • Spend at least 50% of the time in active practice and/or family medicine education.

Nomination requirements

  • Submit a completed nomination form,
  • Submit a typed copy of a current curriculum vitae limited to five pages, and
  • Submit a current head-and-shoulders photo of the candidate.

Supporting documentation

  • Maximum of eight pages (note: supporting documentation does not include the nomination form or CV),
  • One side only, no more than two letters per page,
  • All pages must be photocopy-ready and of reproducible quality, and
  • The entire packet should be mailed flat — do not fold.

Questions should be addressed to Juleah Williams by email at or by phone at (512) 329-8666, ext 135.

Nominations must be received by TAFP by May 31, 2022.

Please mail or email nominations to:

Juleah Williams
Texas Academy of Family Physicians
12012 Technology Boulevard, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78727