Public Health Award

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Past recipients

2004 — Eduardo Sanchez, MD
2005 — Olga Duchicela, MD
2006 — Thomas Gavagan, MD
2007 — Janet Realini, MD
2008 — Juan Campos, MD
2009 — Tamra K. Deuser, MD
2010 — James A. Mobley, MD
2011 — Philip Huang, MD
2012 — David Buck, MD, MPH
2013 — Nora Gimpel, MD
2014 — Lisa Glenn, MD
2015 — Brian Smith, MD, MPH
2016 — Harlan Mark Guidry, MD
2017 — Scott Lillibridge, MD
2018 — Carlos Roberto Jaén, MD
2019 — Cynthia Brinson, MD
2020 — Tom Banning

Public Health Award

TAFP created the TAFP Public Health award in 2004 modeled after the AAFP Public Health Award to honor work in Texas.

Nominees may be physicians working in public health or going beyond their patient community to have an impact on public health, or non-physicians who have an extraordinary impact on the public health of America (city, county, state, or nation). Nominations must come from a TAFP member.

Nomination requirements

  • Submit a completed nomination form,
  • Submit a typed copy of a current curriculum vitae limited to five pages,
  • Submit a written narrative describing the nominee’s public health activity and impact, and
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from the nominator.

Questions should be addressed to Juleah Williams by email at or by phone at (512) 329-8666, ext 135.

Nominations must be received by TAFP by May 31, 2022.

Please mail or email nominations to:

Juleah Williams
Texas Academy of Family Physicians
12012 Technology Boulevard, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78727