Benefits of Membership

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Member benefits

Benefits of Membership

As a TAFP member, you unite yourself with Texas’ largest subspecialty organization and the only organization that solely represents family physicians. Because we are unified with AAFP—America’s second largest sub-specialty society—and our local chapters, your TAFP membership grants you access to the rich resources and support at all levels.

Becoming a member of TAFP bonds you with the most knowledgeable family physicians in the state and country. We provide our members with numerous opportunities to learn from and connect with others in their field, sharing their experiences, opinions, and knowledge that will ultimately improve their practice and the care their patients receive. Not only will you have increased opportunities to learn and network with other physicians from across the state, you will also have access to numerous online resources and tools that will prepare you for the future of family medicine.

Together, TAFP and AAFP help you empower your patients by providing you with evidence-based patient education materials, offer you opportunities for peer support at our annual events, provide a chance for you to help your neighbors through community service, and give you increased professional support and continuing education. We hope you’ll find your TAFP membership invaluable as it helps you get the most out of your career.

We invite you to explore a few of the many benefits of AAFP and TAFP membership.


For over 10 years, TAFP member surveys have shown that the No. 1 service family physicians want from the Academy is advocacy, and your state and national academies serve as your advocate before policymakers, legislators, the media, and patient organizations in Austin and on Capitol Hill.

TAFP has a team of advocates with strong relationships throughout the Capitol and in state agencies working on your behalf, and AAFP continues to build and strengthen its presence in Washington, D.C. We are the only associations that speak solely for the family physician and your membership amplifies the voice of family medicine. Every family physician benefits from the Academy’s voice on the issues that matter most to family medicine.

Here in Austin, TAFP leaders and staff work diligently to promote the positive and essential role of family physicians in our communities and in Texas’s health care delivery system. We work tirelessly to promote policies to strengthen the primary care workforce, to protect patients and ensure they have access to quality care, to foster a regulatory environment that protects the viability of your practice, and to support the safety net programs for those in need. From managed care reforms like prompt pay to tort reform and support for graduate medical education, TAFP has won many policy battles at the state Capitol and is a trusted and respected voice for policymakers on all health care issues. Every family physician benefits from the Academy’s voice on the issues that matter most to family medicine.

Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development

A dedication to lifelong learning was a founding purpose of the Academy and providing high-quality CME is one of our most important priorities. As a member you have access to meetings, courses, conferences, publications, and resources that will equip you with the latest research and clinical training.

AAFP specializes in developing evidence-based CME targeted for the issues family physicians face in their offices routinely. AAFP offers CME at their annual scientific assembly, live clinical courses, board review courses, and various online opportunities. Additionally, one of the highest-rated member services is AAFP’s CME reporting. They make it easy to track and forward your CME report anywhere, anytime.

AAFP and TAFP provide you with a wealth of practice resources designed especially for the family physician. You can find information on how to recruit a new partner, reduce the risk of malpractice litigation, review a contract, or install and update your computer operations. The number of services available to you is endless, and they will ultimately improve your practice and the way your patients receive care.

Public Health

While advocacy and education are our top priorities, your Academy also devotes resources to improving the health of your patients and communities. AAFP has developed educational materials for patients that can continually reinforce your instructions long after they leave your office. Family is your trusted site for easy-to-read, instructive health care materials in English and Spanish. AAFP and TAFP also provide various public health outreach programs like Tar Wars, Ask and Act, Hard Hats for Little Heads, Ready, Set, Fit!, and Americans in Motion.


Texas Family Physician magazine, the News Now e-newsletter,, and TAFP social media platforms keep you informed on TAFP activities and areas of interest. In our broad array of publications, you’ll find features and news on legislative and regulatory topics, practice tips, member news, and human interest stories for family doctors.

Through American Family Physician, Family Practice Management, the Annals of Family Medicine, AAFP News Now, AAFP Products & Services, and, your national Academy covers the broad spectrum of health care news and how it relates to and affects family medicine.

We value your voice, too. Both academies have revamped communications tools to allow for more commenting and interaction from the membership.

We’re in it For You, For Life

Representing over 8,000 family physician members, family medicine resident members, and medical student members across the state, TAFP stands strong with you in the mission to improve the health of your patients, families, and communities. You—our members—are our greatest asset and most precious resource, and what we can do together and learn from each other is the greatest member benefit we have to offer. We’re here to support you in your practice and we look forward to serving you.