Coalition affiliations

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Coalition affiliations

Texas Public Health Coalition

TAFP is a charter member of the Texas Public Health Coalition. Created in 2006, the coalition is a collection of organizations that share an interest in advancing core public health principles at the state and community levels. In particular, the coalition addresses the leading causes of death and disability in Texas – cancer, tobacco usage, stroke, and obesity – through:

  • Increased awareness and visibility of Texas’ public health infrastructure and level of wellness;
  • Meaningful, evidence-based policies and legislation; and
  • The removal of barriers to wellness.

> Go to the Texas Public Health Coalition website

Texas Immunization Stakeholder Working Group

TAFP is a member of the Texas Immunization Stakeholder Working Group, a coalition of public sector, private sector, and community groups. TISWG was formulated as a recommendation of various studies and legislation passed by the 78th Legislature to increase partnerships across the state to raise vaccine coverage levels and improve immunization practices for all Texans.

> Go to the Texas Immunization Stakeholder Working Group website

AHRQ’s Effective Health Care Program

TAFP has joined a network of national, regional, and local organizations in partnering with the Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality and its Effective Health Care Program in an effort to support comparative effectiveness research and access to evidence-based information to support health care decision-making. The network is dedicated to creating awareness about patient-centered outcomes research in patient and professional communities across the United States.

> View more information on the AHRQ website

Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition

TAFP is a member of the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition, a coalition made up of statewide partners ranging from health care and public policy organizations to faith-based groups. The coalition advocates for sufficient funding for state programs that provide accessible health care to low- and moderate-income women across Texas. During the 2013 Texas Legislature the coalition successfully worked to restore funding to programs that provide preventive and contraceptive care for women. Read about the session in this Texas Family Physician article.

> Visit the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition website