Special constituencies

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Special constituencies

TAFP’s Section on Special Constituencies meets twice a year at Interim Session and Annual Session to discuss matters important to the special constituents. Special constituencies include women, minorities, new physicians out of residency for seven years or less, international medical graduates, and GLBT physicians.

> See AAFP’s list of resources for special constituencies
> To join TAFP’s Special Constituencies e-mail list, send an e-mail to lyris@mail.aafp.org with your name and specifying that you’d like to join the tx-sc list.

Click on a special constituency below to access AAFP’s resources specific to those constituents.

The National Conference of Constituency Leaders is AAFP’s annual leadership and policy development event for special constituencies, typically held in April in Kansas City. Spots are available for five members to represent TAFP at the national conference with a reimbursement limit of $1,200 per person. Additionally, TAFP awards scholarships to one third-year resident and one minority physician to attend. Delegates are chosen by a panel of TAFP members in late February, so watch TAFP news for a call for interested members. Interested in being a delegate? E-mail Jonathan Nelson at jnelson@tafp.org with your CV and which constituency you’d like to represent.

> Read more about NCCL on the AAFP website