June 2022 resident member profile: Jordan Hartman, MD

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June 2022 resident member profile

Meet Jordan Hartman, MD

By Samantha White
posted 06.01.22

Jordan Hartman, MD, is currently finishing a family medicine residency program at Memorial Hermann, and has signed his first post-residency contract with Austin Regional Clinic.

Who or what inspired you to choose family medicine?
My grandfather and uncle were both family medicine doctors in my small town growing up outside of Corpus Christi. I have always felt that this profession gave them enormous opportunity to work hard helping people. This concept blended well with my mother’s work in Child Protective Services and nursing homes, where I was exposed to the wide array of socioeconomic and interpersonal issues that affect people.

What is next for you in your medical career?
I have signed with Austin Regional Clinic, the same system that my grandmother went to for over 30 years. I believe that outpatient work in this setting will give me the best resources to grow as a family practitioner while providing work-life balance to help raise my one-year-old son.

Why do you choose to be a TAFP member?
Amazing people in productive settings. Some of my best friends in medical school were getting involved, and I’m sure there were snacks at one of the first meetings. Since then, I have met future coresidents and colleagues through TAFP, and continue to reconnect at conferences while simultaneously increasing my knowledge of my profession.

What has surprised you most about family medicine?
The scope and depth. At first, I envisioned taking care of any organ system. In reality, this profession may ask you to take care of any facet of human life – domestic, economic, political, psychological. If you can you name it, it’s available to a family medicine doctor.

What advice would you give to other family medicine residents?
Keep exploring your profession, and keep working to help your patients. If you are doing those two things, you should be guaranteed a happy, productive career.