October 2022 Member of the Month

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Member of the Month: Olusesan Olotu, MD

TAFP delegate serves to positively impact health care system

By Samantha White
posted 10.04.22

Olusesan Olotu, MD, arrived in the U.S. after practicing in the U.K. for a decade. After completing a residency at Howard University Hospital in Washington D.C., he took a job in rural West Texas, where he spent a year building relationships and treating patients in a small community. He eventually relocated to the DFW area, where he now works full-time as a solo family physician in private practice, as well as part-time as an assistant professor at UT Southwestern. He served as one of TAFP’s international medical graduate delegates to AAFP’s National Conference of Constituency Leaders this year.

Who or what inspired you to become a family physician?
I practiced in surgical specialty in the U.K., but I have always loved the longitudinal and holistic care that family doctors provide, which is lacking in many other specialties. When I decided I was going to relocate to the U.S., I also saw it as an opportunity to correct my “mistake in choice of specialty” (LOL) by re-training in family medicine.

What are your practice passions?
I love to be able to help patients make choices that positively impact the course of their health by educating and empowering them. One of the gratifications I have in medicine is seeing these patients, months down the line, looking like a new person – motivated, healthier, and happier.

Why do you choose to be a TAFP member?
Becoming a member of AAFP/TAFP was an easy decision. As a resident, I participated in some training and advocacy sessions organized by AAFP and the D.C. chapter. The Academy is not a trade union. We advocate for our patients and our communities. We fight for equitable health care for all, not just a section of the society. The Academy is not perfect, but it is always aspiring to do better, to be better and more inclusive. I love all of these.

What led you to get involved with organized medicine and attend NCCL?
I got fed up with complaining, and hearing complaints from colleagues, about how dysfunctional our health care system is. When I decided it’s high time I found a way to add my voice and ideas, somehow I got this e-mail from TAFP that they needed delegates for NCCL and I just went for it. You’ll think your idea is not novel, until you share it. I really encourage everyone with ideas about how to positively impact the health care system to step forward and share it in such gatherings as the NCCL.

What do you enjoy doing outside of medicine?
I am a wanderlust. I really love travelling, but I have not been able to do as much travelling as I would love since I started my practice. I consider myself an armchair political analyst – both national and international politics. I love cycling and I daydream about living out the rest of my life by some beach someday.


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