Explore family medicine

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Explore family medicine

Are you interested in being a family doctor?
There is no better time to become a family physician! The specialty of family medicine is well established in Texas and keeps growing. The state has shown a strong commitment to family medicine education by requiring medical schools to have a third-year family medicine clerkship, funding the statewide preceptorship program, and providing financial support to departments of family medicine and family medicine residency programs.

To get started in family medicine, here are some first steps:

  1. Join TAFP and AAFP.
    If you are not a member of TAFP and AAFP, join now. It’s free to medical students and gives you immediate access to great member benefits such as a free Texas Family Physician quarterly magazine subscription, notifications about conferences and scholarships, and other resources to help you navigate medical school and beyond.

  2. Join your FMIG.
    Contact the Family Medicine Interest Group at your school and find out how to become more involved. Don’t know who to call? Find out your FMIG contact by e-mailing Juleah Williams at jwilliams@tafp.org.

  3. Connect with your family medicine educators.
    Tell the faculty and staff in your school’s Department of Family Medicine that you are interested in becoming a family physician. Find the Texas medical school website listing here.

  4. Connect with your peers.
    Plan to attend the Texas Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Students and AAFP’s National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Students. Both offer training, networking, leadership development, and an opportunity to talk to residency programs. Stipends and travel funding are available.

  5. Experience family medicine in action.
    Apply for a preceptorship with the Texas Statewide Family Medicine Preceptorship Program. Spend some time in a practice and see first-hand what it means to be a family physician. Scholarships are available.

  6. Research family medicine residencies.
    Include Texas family medicine residencies in your residency search; start comparing programs by visiting their websites. Find the Texas family medicine residency program listing here.

  7. Pay off your educational debt.
    Did you know you can have up to $160,000 of your educational debt forgiven through the Texas Physician Education Loan Repayment Program? Find out more here.

Done! What’s next?
For more information, visit the helpful links below, or contact tafp@tafp.org.

TAFP medical students and family medicine residents
Explore the host of resources for medical students and family medicine residents sections of TAFP’s website. Find funding sources, scholarships, and more.

AAFP medical school and residency
Whether you’re pre-med, currently in medical school, or looking at residencies, this section of AAFP’s site has information for you. Learn more about family medicine and what to expect from a family medicine career.