Save money on vaccines with Atlantic Health Partners

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Save money on vaccines
with Atlantic Health Partners

posted 05.06.10

In an environment where overhead costs continue to increase and reimbursement is flat, family physicians’ budgets are tight. TAFP continually strives to help members improve their financial viability by gathering resources and forming partnerships with outside groups. To help members save money on vaccine purchases, the Academy reached out to Atlantic Health Partners.

Atlantic, a vaccine purchasing program, gives members access to savings on vaccines and advocates on their behalf with payers and manufacturers. They work directly with Sanofi Pasteur and Merck to obtain favorable pricing and purchasing terms for a wide variety of pediatric, adolescent, adult, flu, and travel vaccines, and physician members purchase directly from Sanofi and Merck under these negotiated pricing and purchasing terms. Participation is voluntary, and there is no cost to enroll in the Atlantic program.

Atlantic currently works with 21 state chapters of AAFP serving over 6,000 physicians. Members report high satisfaction with the program, particularly for the savings, ability to make smaller purchases, customer support, and ease of enrollment.

For more information and to sign up, contact Jeff Winokur and Cindy Berenson at Atlantic at (800) 741-2044 or