Save money on vaccines this summer with Atlantic Health Partners

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Save money on vaccines this summer with Atlantic Health Partners

posted 06.21.10

With the summer peak purchasing season quickly approaching, now is the time to analyze your vaccine needs. Atlantic Health Partners, a partner of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, is one organization that can help family medicine practices save on vaccine purchases. Through similar partnerships with many AAFP state chapters, Atlantic has helped thousands of physicians save on vaccine costs while advocating on their behalf with payers and manufacturers.

Atlantic, a physician vaccine buying group, works directly with Sanofi Pasteur and Merck to obtained the most favorable pricing and purchasing terms for a wide variety of pediatric, adolescent, adult, flu, and travel vaccines. Members of the Atlantic program make purchases directly from Sanofi and Merck (as many physicians do now) but typically receive better pricing and purchasing terms. In addition, participation is voluntary and there is no cost to enroll in the Atlantic program.

Atlantic works with 7,000 physicians, including many family physicians in Texas, and these physicians report strong satisfaction with the program for the savings, ability to make smaller purchases, customer support, and ease of enrollment.

Jeff Winokur and Cindy Berenson are the primary contact persons at Atlantic Health Partners. Contact them at (800) 741-2044 or at for more information and details about how your practice can benefit from participation.