ImmTrac launches new immunization scheduler

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ImmTrac launches new immunization scheduler

posted 08.03.10

State vaccine registry ImmTrac launched a new, improved immunization scheduler on June 30 that enhances utility, functionality, and ease of use for physician users. The new scheduler allows physicians to generate up-to-date immunization recommendations for their patients who use ImmTrac; resolves issues associated with the previous scheduler, such as recognizing combination vaccines and four-day grace periods; and adds vaccines not included in the previous scheduler, such as human papillomavirus, seasonal influenza, and rotavirus, as well as combination vaccines, such as DTaP and Tdap.

Based on recommendations made by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended schedule, the new scheduler calculates its recommendations based on the immunizations stored in the client’s ImmTrac record, essentially creating a customized schedule for each ImmTrac patient.

All patients’ schedules will be automatically regenerated, but due to the size of the registry, which contains records for almost 8 million individuals, this process will take several weeks. If physicians log in and see that a patient’s record is not current, they are able to manually regenerate that record through an added “Regenerate” option on the patient’s page.

To address questions from ImmTrac users, the Texas Department of State Health Services has published a Frequently Asked Questions document about ImmTrac’s 2010 Immunization Scheduler Enhancement. The FAQ includes information on new immunizations and recommendations. For more information, contact the ImmTrac Group by phone at (800) 348-9158 or by e-mail at