ABFM announces changes to MC-FP entry and re-entry requirements

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ABFM announces changes to MC-FP entry
and re-entry requirements

posted 02.21.12

Beginning in 2012, any physician who does not successfully pass the MC-FP examination within the three calendar years following the year in which he or she completes residency training will be required to satisfy the MC-FP entry process in order to take the exam and gain initial certification status.

In addition, any physician who has been previously certified, and has never entered the MC-FP process, will need to complete the MC-FP re-entry process in order to take the examination and regain certification status.

MC-FP entry and re-entry requirements:

  • 50 MC-FP points (including at least one Part II and one Part IV activity)
  • 150 CME credits
  • Successful completion of the MC-FP examination
  • A valid, full, and unrestricted license

If a physician does not anticipate being able to complete the MC-FP requirements for entry or re-entry by the deadline to clear application deficiencies, he or she may want to wait until the next examination period to apply. However, once a physician starts the entry or re-entry process, all components must be completed within three years; otherwise, the process will have to be restarted.

For questions regarding MC-FP entry and re-entry requirements, diplomates may contact the ABFM support center at (877) 223-7437 or help@theabfm.org.