Learn about payment reform models with TAFP online videos

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Learn about payment reform models 
with TAFP online videos

posted 05.10.12

Last fall, TAFP held a summit on various payment reform models physicians should consider as the country moves away from fee-for-service. The expert speakers concurred that whether the system of the future is based on the patient-centered medical home, bundled payment, accountable care, or a proposal yet to be imagined, physicians will play an integral role in its delivery and success.

Now you can see and hear those experts in a series of videos produced from the conference. Hear more on the economics driving reform, the role of family physicians, the business of health care financing, and a case study on a highly successful Plano practice.

View the videos through the links above. Find more on payment reform in TAFP’s practice resources at www.tafp.org/practice-resources/payment-reform.