Bold steps for family medicine

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Bold steps for family medicine

By Kathy McCarthy
Executive Director, TAFP Foundation

The TAFP Foundation had a great year celebrating TAFP’s 60th anniversary. Take a look at the list of members and friends who have taken this opportunity to donate at least $60 this year. If you are not listed, you can donate online at or contact me at (512) 329-8666, ext. 14. We need your support to continue the good work we are doing and realize the vision of the Foundation Board.

The Foundation Board took a bold step this year by creating a Practice-based Research Fund that will be supported by multiple endowments. A structure will be established next year, so watch for more details on how you can set up an endowment to honor a colleague or create a lasting legacy in your own name to support research led by family physicians across the state. The first endowment was created last year to honor the late Richard Garrison, M.D., with donations exceeding $20,000.

Through research, travel funding and scholarships, the Foundation reaches out to the next generation of medical leaders to spread family medicine’s message and encourage the best and brightest to enter the specialty. In 2008, the Foundation funded over 70 travel slots for state and national meetings and funded four research proposals.

An important way the Foundation supports the specialty is through scholarships for family medicine students and residents. Since its creation in 1994, the scholarship program has awarded more than $135,000 to future family physicians. Congratulations to the nine future family physicians who were awarded medical student scholarships this year: Katie Vick (William F. Ross, M.D., Scholarship); Antonia Hernandez, M.D., and Natalia Maani (Valley Chapter Scholarship); Kristen Stegemoller and Natalia Maani (Harold T. Pruessner, M.D., Scholarship); Anthony Gipson (Norma Porres, M.D., and Felipe Porres, M.D., Scholarship); Stephanie Claus (Minnie Lee Lancaster, M.D., and Edgar Lancaster, M.D., Scholarship); Eric South (Arnold N. Krause, M.D., Scholarship); and Farron C. Hunt (Weldon G. Kolb, M.D., Scholarship).

Members and friends who have donated $60 (or more) for 60

Ichabod L. Balkcom, IV, M.D.
Maria Diana Ballesteros, M.D.
Lynda Jayne Barry, M.D.
Justin V. Bartos, M.D.
Arturo Enrique Batres, M.D.
Joane Goforth Baumer, M.D.
Charles E. Bell, M.D.
Luis Manuel Benavides, M.D.
Stephen Douglas Benold, M.D.
Henry Julius Boehm, Jr., M.D.
Jim B Brame, M.D.
Chinglin Lillian Chan, M.D.
C. Mark Chassay, M.D.
Barbara Nell Conner, M.D.
Seth B. Cowan, M.D.
Bruce Michael Cravey, M.D.
Jennifer L. Culver, M.D.
Douglas W. Curran, M.D.
Kenneth Gayle Davis, M.D.
Tamra K. Deuser, M.D.
Jorge Duchicela, M.D.
Carolyn Eaton, M.D.
Tricia C. Elliott, M.D.
Robert Floyd Ezell, M.D.
Troy Treanor Fiesinger, M.D.
Lewis Emory Foxhall, M.D.
Edwin R. Franks, M.D.
Gregory Michael Fuller, M.D.
Melissa Susan Gerdes, M.D.
Roland A. Goertz, M.D., M.B.A.
T. David Greer, M.D.
Gil C. Grimes, M.D.
Tanya R. Grun, M.D.
Ajay Kumar Gupta, M.D.
Lesca C. Hadley, M.D.
John J. Hall, M.D.
Clare Arnot Hawkins, M.D.
James Michael Henderson, M.D.
Harold Rutledge High, M.D.
Robert L. Hogue, M.D.
Janet L. Hurley, M.D.
Glen R. Johnson, M.D.
Denise A. Johnson, M.D.
David Arthur Katerndahl, M.D.
Art L. Klawitter, M.D.
K. Ashok Kumar, M.D.
James Lackey, M.D.
Young Alan Lambert, Jr., M.D.
C. Tim Lambert, M.D.
Don A. Lawrence, D.O.
David S. Lawson, M.D.
Leah R. Mabry, M.D.
Javier D. Margo, Jr., M.D.
Kathy McCarthy
Mike McCrady, M.D.
John M. McCullough, M.D.
Gary R. Mennie, M.D.
Dale C. Moquist, M.D.
Mary Helen Morrow, M.D.
Jonathan Nelson
Mary S. Nguyen Poole, M.D.
Donald R. Niño, M.D.
Robert William Noble, M.D.
Beverly Burnett Nuckols, M.D.
John A. Partin, M.D.
Ronald J. Peron, M.D.
Henry David Pope, Jr., M.D.
John R. Richmond, M.D.
Shelley Poe Roaten, Jr., M.D.
Manuel Josue Sanchez, M.D.
Maxwell Curtis Scarlett, M.D.
David Schneider, M.D.
Lee R. Schreiber, M.D.
Robert F. Shields, D.O.
Linda Marie Siy, M.D.
Tobie-Lynn Smith, M.D.
Bane Smith, M.D.
Mary Carmen Spalding, M.D.
Donald E. Stillwagon, M.D.
Erica Williams Swegler, M.D.
Maureen M. Swenson, M.D.
Walter Peter Sykes, M.D.
Thao Minh Truong, M.D.
Jose M. Ugarte, M.D.
Peter M. Valenzuela, M.D., M.B.A.
Lloyd Van Winkle, M.D.
Andrew H. Weary, M.D.
Sally Pyle Weaver, M.D.
Jim White
Hubert Neil Williston, M.D.
Hugh H. Wilson, Jr., M.D.
Robert Allen Youens, M.D.
Richard A. Young, M.D.