Confronting physician burnout

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Confronting physician burnout

Physician burnout is no joke. With prior authorizations and utilization review, quality measurements, and the usual hamster wheel of fee-for-service care, it seems like you spend less of your day with patients each year. And when you get home? Oh yeah, it’s time to finish up those charts.

Three words: electronic health records. Enough said.

Add in MACRA, MIPS, QPP, APMs, QRURs and the rest of the alphabet soup from CMS, and it’s no wonder you want to go AWOL. According to a Medscape physician lifestyle survey from 2015, up to 53 percent of physicians suffer from occupational burnout, which they define as exhaustion, detachment or cynicism, and a low sense of achievement.

We hear you. And we know treating the symptoms of physician burnout won’t cure the real problems that plague the American health care system and lead to distress and frustration among doctors. But while we work to solve those problems, it’s important that you pay attention to your own well-being and that of your colleagues.

AAFP recently launched a set of initiatives and tools to help stave off occupational burnout and help you stay mindful of your well-being. It’s called Physician Health First. You can check out the collection of videos, articles, and resources at In this edition of Texas Family Physician, we’d like to introduce you to Physician Health First with a set of articles from AAFP.

So sit back, relax, and read for a minute. And don’t forget to breathe.  :)  


Introducing AAFP’s Physician Health First initiative

At this year’s FMX, AAFP launched a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help physicians avoid occupational burnout.
By Sheri Porter

How I bounced back from burnout”

Get a fresh perspective from a young family doc on
staying healthy.
By Kimberly Becher, MD

Watch some free well-being CME videos

Feeling burnt out? Yep. There’s CME for that.
By Chris Crawford