Texas Family Physician - Vol. 66 No. 2, Spring 2015

Tags: members, president's letter, perspective, aafp, direct primary care, 84th, legislature, van winkle, leung, cfw, c. frank webber lectureship, interim session, national conference of constituency leaders


Back to the future with direct primary care
Remember a time when you could treat your patients without ever having to deal with a health insurance company? Well rev up the Delorean, we’re taking a look at direct primary care.
By Kate Alfano

Missed opportunities in the 84th Texas Lege
For both the House and Senate this session, health care was not a top priority. Find out what passed, what didn’t pass, and what didn’t even come close to passing in this legislative wrap up.
By Tom Banning

AAFP news
AAFP weighs in on NIH’s draft National Pain Strategy

Member news
Van Winkle launches website for AAFP Pres-Elect campaign.
TAFP local chapters install new officers.
Many TAFP members represented the state well at NCCL.
TAFP members graduate from leadership program.
Report on the 2015 C. Frank Webber Lectureship
Member of the Month: Patrick Leung, MD
Interim Session report