Billing and Coding

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Billing and coding

ICD-10 guidance from AAFP and Family Practice Management
With the Oct. 1 deadline looming, both AAFP and the AAFP Family Practice Management journal have compiled a set of resources that they’ll continue to update as this deadline nears.
> Go to the FPM ICD-10 coding page
> Go to AAFP’s coding webpage for information on ICD-10 and other coding resources

Resources from CMS regarding ICD-10
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently announced some changes aimed at helping physicians throughout the transition, including a grace period for offices to get used to the new system. CMS also created a free resource specifically for family docs which lists common ICD-9 codes used by family docs and their corresponding ICD-10 codes.
> Read about CMS’ announcement and the changes
> View a list of frequently asked questions regarding ICD-10 flexibilities
> Check out the CMS guide to ICD-10 made specifically for family docs

TAFP billing and coding news stories
Bradley Reiner, TAFP’s practice management expert, writes in Texas Family Physician about the ever-changing environment of billing and coding.
> Reiner asks if your office is prepared for the ICD-10 transition
> Read about coding changes that took place in early 2015
> Advanced coding tips: What you don’t know can hurt you