Patient-centered Medical Home

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Patient-centered medical home

The patient-centered medical home is a health care delivery model based on the relationship between a patient and their personal primary care physician. With its growing popularity in the health care reform discussion, TAFP provides you with tools to educate yourself, your colleagues, and your patients on the medical home.

A variety of PCMH resources from AAFP
Go to the PCMH section of AAFP’s website for resources on practice organization, HIT, quality measure, patient experience, and more.
> AAFP Patient-Centered Medical Home

Primary Advantage: The Practice Improvement Planner
Formerly known as the PCMH Planner, this online planning tool guides health care teams through the process of identifying and implementing change initiatives for practice transformation. While not specifically designed for any one particular program, the content will help practices achieve PCMH recognition if desired.
> Primary Advantage

Find information on PCMH pilots, demonstrations through PCPCC
The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative is a coalition of major employers, consumer groups, patient quality organizations, health plans, labor unions, hospitals, clinicians, and others dedicated to advancing the patient-centered medical home as a way to improve access to care for the nation’s patients. The PCPCC website includes resources like webinars and videos on practice transformation, collaboration among care teams, and more.
> The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative
> PCPCC webinars page

Patient-Centered Medical Home Resource Center
The PCMH model emphasizes patient-centered, comprehensive, coordinated, accessible care, and a system-wide focus on quality and safety. Mathematica’s health experts collaborated with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to develop the PCMH Resource Center, a website offering the latest evidence-based PCMH research—many authored by Mathematica’s health experts—to help health care policymakers and researchers build and assess the effectiveness of this promising model. This site also includes several resources for implementers on facilitation or coaching of primary care practices.
> PCMH Resource Center

Evaluate your practice with AAFP’s Patient-centered Medical Home Checklist
Are you building a patient-centered medical home? Use AAFP’s two-page PCMH Checklist to see how your practice stacks up in four categories: quality measures, patient experience, health information technology, and practice organization.
> Patient-centered medical home checklist

Clinical integration demystified
Shortly after stepping down as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Don Berwick, MD, delivered a visionary speech at an Institute for Healthcare Improvement conference in which he said our nation is at a crossroad. “The care we have simply cannot be sustained. It will not work for health care to chew ever more deeply into our common purse. If it does, our schools will fail, our roads will fail, our competitiveness will fail. Wages will continue to lag, and, paradoxically, so will our health. The choice is stark: chop or improve.”
> Read this Texas Family Physician Winter 2012 article