Practice-based Research Resources

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Practice-based research resources

Interested in participating in practice-based research? TAFP’s Section on Research wants you to know that Texas is home to lots of practice-based primary care research opportunities. Resources on this page should help you contact like-minded colleagues and find a project to dive into. Have additions for this page? Send us an email.

Practice-based research networks in Texas

The Residency Research Network of Texas is a collaboration of family medicine residency programs dedicated to improving family physicians’ interest and skills in research and to find answers to clinical questions relevant to family medicine patient populations.
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If you’d like to become a member, please email Dr. Inez Cruz at

The South Texas Ambulatory Research Network is a learning community of primary care clinicians, staff, and patients in clinics across South Texas. They are dedicated to conducting and disseminating practice-based research to gain knowledge that improves the health of patients and their communities.
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NorTex is a collaborative network of researchers and clinicians throughout North Texas. They conduct primary care and public health research that will be translated into published guidelines and policies, improve the delivery of care, and ultimately, the health of North Texas citizens.
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Family medicine practice-based research resources

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality supports practice-based resource networks, or PBRNs, all over the country. You can search through more than 40 years of PBRN research projects, contact AHRQ-affiliated PBRNs, learn about funding opportunities, sign up for the AHRQ PBRN listserv, and more.

The AAFP National Research Network
The AAFP National Research Network
The AAFP NRN was established in 1999 to conduct, support, promote, and advocate for primary care research in practice-based settings. It is affiliated with regional practice-based research networks throughout the country.