Research Poster Competition - Virtual Posters

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2020 Virtual Research Posters

TAFP’s Annual Session and Primary Care Summit promotes scholarly activity by family medicine students, residents, and physicians; providing a unique opportunity to share research with the TAFP membership.

The competition is sponsored by the TAFP Foundation and the TAFP Commission on Public Health, Clinical Affairs, and Research. The posters are designed to demonstrate a specific practice-based research activity, an evidenced-based review, or a case report (students only) — with an emphasis on practice-based research.

This competition was made possible by a grant from the Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium, support from the TAFP Foundation, and help from the TAFP Commission on Public Health, Clinical Affairs, and Research.

If you’re interested in applying in 2021, visit the TAFP Research Poster Competition webpage for more information.

Evidence-based review | Student

Factors influencing Patient-Physician Trust

    Rija Khan | Family and Community Medicine UTHSCSA

Primary research | Students

Shared Care Model of Obesity Management: Coding Process

    Rija Khan; Shah S; Malik O; Rodriguez J; and Siddiqui S | Family and Community Medicine, UTHSCSA

Identifying challenges and resilience among primary care physicians during COVID-19

    Melissa Dang; Sireesha Teegala, MD; Christine Camacho, MD; Fozia Ali, MD; Robert Wood, DrPH; Jasmine Rodriguez, MPH; Sandra Burge, PhD; Stacy Ogbeide, PsyD | University of Texas Health San Antonio, Long School of Medicine

Lessons Learned: FMIG Helping Hands Vaccination Drive

    Alexander Cantu, Jennifer Raley, MD; Shannon Samuelson; Rose Joy; Bryan Lee; Cynthia Tucker; Ayeesha Mohammed; Shahryar Syed; Anthony Maldonado-Duenez; Tana Nieto; Jesus Franco | University of Texas Medical Branch Family Medicine Interest Group

Promoting Community Engagement through Virtual Healthy Cooking Sessions during Ramadan and COVID-19 Pandemic

    Elizabeth Stewart; Sireesha Teegala; Robert Wood; Sabeen Abdullah; Sanna Bhajjan; Fozia Ali; Brandee Pemberton; Aafreen Akhtar; Uzair Iqbal; Mariam Khan-Jazbi; Areej Twait; Jasmine Rodriguez; and Omar Malik | UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine

Shared Care Model of Obesity Management: Transcribing Qualitative Interviews

    Omar Malik; Rija Khan; Shahtaj Shah; Jasmine Rodriguez, MPH; and Saima Siddiqui, MD | UT Health San Antonio, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Promoting Healthy Community Food Choices through a Blog and Cookbook

    Omar Malik; Elizabeth Stewart, MS2; Sireesha Teegala, MD; Robert Wood, DrPH; Sabeen Abdullah; Valerie Serrano, MD; Aishwarya Teegala; Sahar Fattani; Rija Khan, OMS; Sameed Aijaz; Flavia Tiner; Aafreen Akhtar; Uzair Iqbal; Areej Twait; Fozia Ali, MD; Kimberly Peacock, EdD; Jasmine Rodriguez, MPH; Paula Winkler; Meredith Hosek, MS3; Dylan De Muth, MS4 | UT Health San Antonio

Shared Care Model of Obesity Management: Developing Qualitative Study Questionnaire

    Shahtaj Shah; Malik O.; Khan R.; Rodriguez J.; Siddiqui S. | Family and Community Medicine, UTHSCSA

Case report | Students

Radiation Associated Angiosarcoma of the Breast

    Manojna Kintada, Alyssa Joseph, Camryn Middleton, Jacob Vosberg, Jacqueline Lim, and Noor Tariq | UIWSOM

Mental Health for Latino Patients in the United States: A Case Report and Considerations

    Garrett Kneese | UTHSA-Long School of Medicine

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dermatomyositis-Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Overlap Syndrome

    Preston Williams and Benjamin McKinney, MD | Texas A&M University College of Medicine

Evidence-based review | Residents

Efficacy of intra-articular steroid injection versus placebo in reducing pain in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Yandro Leal, MD, and Roberto Medina, MD | Houston Methodist Hospital

In adults with impaired glucose tolerance, does the treatment with metformin delay progression to diabetes over 1-3 years?

    Motaz Ibrahim, MD and Nicole Thomas, DO | Houston Methodist Family Medicine Program

Efficacy of structured yoga program on menstrual pain in young adult females (ages 18-22) with primary dysmenorrhea.

    Nicole Thurmond, MD and Meherin Huque, MD | Houston Methodist Family Medicine Residency Program

Efficacy of the HPV vaccine in reducing the incidents of anogenital warts in males

    Christian Kadiri, MD, and Stephen Doucet MD | Methodist Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Primary research | Residents

Resident Burnout: Contributing Factors and Effect on Patient Care Practices.

    Tolulope Famuyiro, MD, MPH; Michelle R. Klawans, MPH; Deepa R. Iyengar, MD, MPH; and Chermaine Tyler, PhD | UTHSC at Houston, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Assessing and Improving Residents’ Self-Efficacy in Research Critique through Implementing a Revised Journal Club

    Ngozi Okorafor, MD; Rida Khan, MD; Larsia Grigoryan, MD; and Mohammad Sidani, MD | Baylor College of Medicine Family and Community Residency Program

Abridging the Depart: Designing a Sleeker End of Visit Summary

    Michael Giglio MD; Lola Okunnu MD; Sarah Yu MD; and Bich-May Nguyen MD | Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program

Standardizing The Medication Reconciliation Process: Moving from Med Wreck to Med Rec

    Lily Luc, MD; Sara Coverdale, MD; Rashmi Rode, MD; and Eric Warwick, MD | Baylor College of Medicine- Department of Family and Community Medicine

Assessing Community Health Literacy and Promoting Engagement Through Virtual Health Education Sessions

    Hannah Korman, MD; Tran Nguyen, MD; Fozia Ali, MD; Alan Wood, MPH DrPH; Suhaib Haq, MD; Paula Winkler, M Ed; Omar Malik; and Flavia Tiner | University of Texas Health San Antonio Family and Community Medicine Residency Program

Health Literacy Assessment in Refugees Residing in San Antonio, TX

    Yun Shi, MD, PhD; Sireesha Teegala, MD; Hayley Hamilton-Bevil, MD; Christine Song, DO; Karla Acosta, MD; Maryse Bakouetila, MD; Christine Camacho, MD; Chi Stasio, DO; Tran Nguyen, MD; Priscila Ibarra, MD; Seena Jose, MD; Renee Del Carmen, MD; Brian So, DO; Sanna Bhajjan, DO; Meredith Hosek, Sabeen Abdullah, Tatiana Cordova, MD; Howaida Werfelli, MPH; and Fozia Ali, MD | University of Texas Health San Antonio, Family Medicine Residency Program

A Comparison of Patient and Provider Blood Pressure Measurement

    Christine Kley, MD, and Christopher Leidlein, MD | Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program

Patient-Centered Tobacco Cessation Workflow for Healthcare Clinics

    Arlene Reyes, MD; Sireesha Teegala MD; Christine Camacho MD; Priscilla Ibarra-Becerra MD; and Valerie Davis MD | UT Health San Antonio Dept. of Family and Community Medicine

The Effect of a Standardized Handout on Colon Cancer Screening Rates

    Alexandra Dattilo, DO; Jessica Puthenparampil, MD; and Melissa A. Silva, MD | Memorial Family Medicine Residency

Reduction in the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes Through Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose in Patients with Pre-Diabetes- A Pilot Study

    Sireesha Teegala, MD; Christine Camacho; Aarushi Aggarwal; Arlene Reyes; Renata Scalabrin; Jasmine Rodriguez; Fozia Ali; Robert Wood; Inez Cruz; and Dahlia Gomez | University of Texas San Antonio

The Healthy Choices Team: Addressing Nutrition at a San Antonio Mosque

    Sireesha Teegala, MD; Meredith Hosek, MS2; Dylan De Muth, MS3; Joshua Katuri, MS2; Elizabeth Stewart, MS1; Amena Qavi, MS1; Fozia Ali, MD; Inez Cruz, PhD; Valerie Davis, MD; Renee Del Carmen, MD; Maryse Bakouetila, MD; Wendy Lin, MD; Sabeen Abdullah, MD; Jasmine Rodriguez, MPH; Flávia Fernandes; Robert Wood, DrPH; Paula Winkler, and Bexar TAB | University of Texas San Antonio

Primary research | Family Physicians

Improving Student Confidence and Competence through Electronic Health Record Order Entry

    Arindam Sarkar, MD; Anjali Aggarwal, MD; Larissa Grigoryan, PhD; Susan G. Nash, PhD; Roger J. Zoorob, MD; and William Y. Huang, MD | Baylor College of Medicine

“I Prefer to Watch Than to Read!” Engaging Diabetic Patients via Educational Videos to Improve Health Outcomes

    Nihita Shah, MD; Rashmi Rode, MD; and Thomas Porter, MD | Baylor College of Medicine