Research Poster Competition - 2021 Virtual Posters

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2021 Virtual Research Posters

TAFP’s Annual Session and Primary Care Summit promotes scholarly activity by family medicine students, residents, and physicians; providing a unique opportunity to share research with the TAFP membership.

The posters are designed to demonstrate a specific practice-based research activity, an evidenced-based review, or a case report (students only) — with an emphasis on practice-based research.

This competition was made possible by a grant from the Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium and support from the TAFP Foundation.

If you’re interested in applying in 2022, visit the TAFP Research Poster Competition webpage for more information.

Evidence-based review | Residents

In adults with Plantar Fasciitis does the use of PRP injection improve pain compared to corticosteroid (CS) injection?

    Aditya Dave, MD, and Blanca Gomez-Castillo, MD | Houston Methodist Family Medicine Residency

Efficacy of Intra-articular Hyaluronic Acid Injection in Improvement of Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients

    Aysenur Akoglu, MD, and Katie Soe, MD | Houston Methodist Family Medicine Residency

Efficacy of Ultrasound Guided Intra-articular Corticosteroid Injection In Patients With Acute Shoulder Pain

    Antony Jeganathan, MD, and Meghan Tang, MD | Houston Methodist Family Medicine Residency

Management of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in primary care

    Crystel Harb, DO, MPH | Texas Institute for Graduate Medical Education & Research

Does Frequent Low Dose Computer Tomography (LDCT) Screening, Every 1-2 Years, Decrease Mortality from Lung Cancer Compared to Usual Community Care in High-Risk, Current and Former Smoker Adults, Age 50-79?

    Kaeli Freeborough, DO, and Raymond O'Bryan, DO | Houston Methodist Hospital FM Residency

Primary research | Residents

Mingle with shingles: A three-pronged study to assess vaccine compliance

    Ranna Al-Dossari, DO; Jordan Hartman, MD; Mumeenat Winjobi, MD | Memorial Hermann Family Medicine Residency Program

Assessing Resident Comfort with Performing and Interpreting Shoulder Exams

    Brian So, DO; Christine Song, DO; Samantha Baginski, DO; Rajen Patel, MD; Ali Fozia, MD; Tharani Ravi, MD; Robert Wood, DRPh; Miguel Palacios, MD | University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Incorporating Reflection Rounds into a Family Medicine Residency Program

    Jasmin Aldridge, MD, MPH; Inez Cruz, Ph.D., LMSW; Stacy Ogbeide, PsyD, MS, ABPP, CSOWM | UT Health Science Center at San Antonio Family and Community Medicine Residency

No clinical visit survives the first survey: time management when faced with mandated screening.

    Bahrom Firozgary, MD; Alexandra Dezii, DO; Patrick Coate, MD; Sarah Ali, MD | Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program

A 2020 Vision for Diabetic Retinopathy: Improving screening rates with patient education

    Jae Dequina, DO; Vivian Stanfield, MD; and Areon Thomas, MD | Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program

COVID Challenge: Are we just phoning in? A Needs-Based Assessment of Quality Improvement Opportunities for Telemedicine at the Family Health Center

    Yun Shi, MD, PhD; Samantha Baginski, DO; Esther Shin, MD; Jordan Kampschmidt, MD; Fehima Dawy, MD; Lauren Fuller, MD; Hyunyoung Kim, MD; Inez Cruz, PhD; and Marcy Wiemers, MD | Family Medicine Residency, University of Texas Health San Antonio

Etiology and Therapeutic Approach to Elevated Lactate in Acute Heart Failure

    Daniyah Elagi, MD, and Ellen Hampsten, MD | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

An Investigation of the Impact of COVID-19 on Food Access and Security in Bexar County

    Esther Shin, MD; Olivia Chen, MS2; Corina Badillo, MS2; Dirk Wristers, MS4; Samantha Trevino; Emily Rodriguez; Robert Wood, Dr.PH; Paula Winkler, M.Ed.; Jasmine Rodriguez, MPH; Fozia Ali, MD | UT Health San Antonio Family and Community Medicine

Understanding Provider and Patient Experiences when using Medical Interpreters in the Family Health Center

    Sam Baginski, DO; Mario Hernandez MD, MPH; Etny Candelario MD; Lauren Fuller MD; Rachel Walker MD; Carolina Sanchez MD, Ahmed Shoola; Lauren Brown; Jasmine Rodriguez; Fozia Ali MD; Robert Wood MD; Tharani Ravi MD | University of Texas Health Science Center Family Medicine and Community Medicine

The Influence of Being a Parent on Comfort with Uncertainty in Family Medicine Residents: An RRNeT Study

    Danielle Garcia, MD; Melanie Ivette Perez Dones, MD ; Bailey Preikschat, MPH, CPH ; Inez Cruz, PhD, LMSW | UT Health San Antonio - Family and Community Medicine

The New Back-to-School Basics: COVID-19 Hygiene Education for Elementary Students

    Fehima Dawy, MD; Esther Shin, MD; Fozia Ali, MD; Sophia Desrosiers, MS4; Marisa Rangel, BSN8; Rebecca Rodriguez, BSN6; Scott Anderson, MS3; Omar Malik; Matt Kannenberg, MS3; Flavia Fernandes; Zainab Naeem; Sameed Aijaz; Sumeyra Tek; Sabeen Abdullah; Hira Malik, Aishwarya Teegala | UT Health San Antonio Family and Community Medicine

Emergency Shelter for Persons Experiencing Homelessness During the COVID19 Pandemic

    Mollyanne Brunkow, MD | John Peter Smith Family Medicine

Improving the Efficiency of Documenting a Well Child Exam

    Samuel Vega, MD; Jose Garcia, MD; Richard Young, MD | John Peter Smith Family Medicine

How well are we as a health system caring for our patients with diabetes – moving from tracking processes to measuring outcomes

    Anatoli Berezovsky, MD | John Peter Smith Family Medicine

Case report | Students

Troubling Bubbles: An Unusual Presentation of Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    Ryan C. Moore | Baylor College of Medicine

Evidence-based review | Student

Barriers to Medication Access Among the Uninsured and Underinsured: A Scoping Review

    Rosemary Agwuncha; Elissa Nguyen; Christian Colin; Jess Dobbins, DrPH, MA; Omolola Adepoju, PhD | University of Houston College of Medicine

Fact or Fiction: The Impact of COVID-19 Infection versus Vaccination on Male Fertility

    Winona Gbedey; Samantha Driscoll; Margot Favret | UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine

Primary research | Students

COVID Vaccine Interest in the Lubbock Homeless Population

    Jonathan Abraham; Erin Choi; Brianna Marschke; Holly Grossman; Mariana Trevino; Alec Giron; Fiona Prabhu MD | Texas Tech University Health Science Center

Dose- and time- dependent effects of Zika virus on human neural stem cells

    Amulya Sajja; Pei Xu; Chao Shan, PhD; Pei-Yong Shi, PhD; Ping Wu, MD, PhD | University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston

Preparing Medical Students for the Future of Medicine Through Telemedicine Training

    Arkoon Ali; Cody Lyons; Hope Patchen; Lesca Hadley, MD; John Gibson, MD | Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Evaluating Student Food Selections after a Nutrition Education Intervention in a Montessori Community School

    Hannah E. Miller; Michaela Carrington, RDN; Jijia Wang, PhD; Kathy Jones; Nora Gimpel, MD; Philip Day, PhD | UT Southwestern Medical School

Assessing Community Health Literacy and Promoting Engagement through Virtual Health Education Sessions

    Jane Margaret Anderson; Korman, H; , Ali, F ; Naeem, Z; Nguyen, T; Pemberton, B; Resendez, V; Shi, Y; Wood, R; Estacio, A; Gomez, A; Winkler, P; Abdullah, S; Tran, M; Malik, O; Advano, D; Ali, A; Aziz, H; Kara, T; Stewart, E; Haq, S; Zhang, W; Shahzad, M; Budak, M; Keany, N, Iqbal, U; Falcon, C; Sanchez, C; Ramos, A; Siddiqui, F; Mohammed, S | The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Telemedicine Utilization in Community-based Family Practice Clinics Across Texas

    Luan Tran; Rosemary Agwuncha; Minji Chae; Jason Franco-Castano; Tracy Angelocci, MD; Omolola Adepoju, PhD | University of Houston College of Medicine

The Role of Empathy, Personality, and Attitudes about Care of the Dying on Specialty Preference in Medical Students

    Jeremy Aymard; Leo Gonzalez, MA; Chance Strenth, PhD; Zaiba Jetpuri, DO; Tamara McGregor, MD | UT Southwestern Medical School

Assessing the Factors that Influence Medical Student’s Attitudes Towards Working with Underserved Communities

    Ashley Farley; Courtney Johnson; Chelsea Anasi; Casey Cai; Philip Day, PhD; Nora Gimpel, MD | UT Southwestern Medical School

Pregnancy Complications in the Super Morbidly Obese

    Catalina Mulanax; Mark K. Santillan, MD, PhD; Donna A. Santillan, PhD | University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

Evaluation of Plant Based Consumption and Obesity in the San Antonio Indian Community

    Nikki Verma; Joshua Katuri; Skyler Kanegi; Yunsha Ehtesham; Enrique Rangel; Nayana Gosh; Hannah Martinez; Faith Portuphy; Mahnoor Liaqat; Justin Rowe; Sabeen Abdullah; Zainab Naeem; Munawar Iqbal; Uzair Iqbal; Tapas Nuwal, MD; Gemstone Alegre, MD; Etny Candelerio, MD; Mariam Sabir, MD; Clare Nguyen, MD; Esther Shin, MD; Zainab Essaji, MD; Tharani Ravi, MD; Fozia Ali, MD | UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine

Establishing a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program at San Antonio Refugee Clinic

    Ginjupalli, Mahima; Yazji, S.; Harbin, Z.; Roka, A.; Kester, N.; Abdullah, S.; Tadese, A; Agnihotri, O; Amirkhosravi, K.; Sanchez, C.; Gutierrez Garcia, C.; Dawi, F.; Farra, R.; Taai, M; Rodea, R.; Matthews, T.; Essaji, Z.; Gajmer, E.; Harun, F.; Costantino, M; Iqbal, U; Iqbal, M; Ali, F. | University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Medicine

Severity of Depressive and Motor Symptoms Impacts Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease Patients Regardless of Socioeconomic Status

    Hien Piotrowski; Brianne Lacy; Mustafa Husain | UT Southwestern Medical School

Promoting Healthy Modifications to Cultural Food Through Virtual Cooking Sessions During a Socially Distanced Ramadan

    Taylor Works; Yunsha Ihtesham; Manhnoor Liaqat; Elizabeth Stewart; Sabeen Abdullah; Zainab Naeem; Afreen Akhtar; Hannah Martinez; Uzair Iqbal; Omar Malik; Aboozar Ali; Dhillon Advano; Nour Amin; Sarah Mohammad; Shahnaz Hafiz; Karina Garcia; Fozia Ali, MD | University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio

Healthy Choices Team 2021: Empowering Community Leadership in Health Promotion at a San Antonio Mosque

    Elizabeth Stewart; Yunsha Ehtesham (MS2); Mahnoor Liaqat (MS2); Cameron Holguin (MS3); Meredith Hosek (MS3); Caleb Brown; Victoria Resendez; Sabeen Abdullah; Zainab Naeem; Aafreen Akhtar; Uzair Iqbal; Areej Twait; Omar Malik; Flavia Fernandez; Wasiq Nadeem (MS4); Erin Brasseaux (SPT); Samar Dawy (DS3); Ash Teegala; Dylan De Muth (MS4); Robert Wood (DrPH); Paula Winkler; Jasmine Rodriguez; Fozia Ali (MD) | UTHSCSA

Primary research | Family Physicians

Personality Type and Burnout: A Survey of Family Medicine Residents, Faculty, and Community Physicians

    Zachary Sartor, MD, and Rachel Rube, DO | Waco Family Medicine Residency Program

Joint Injections: A How-To Toolkit

    Elizabeth A. Suniega, MD, and Anush S. Pillai, DO | HCA Houston Healthcare West Family Medicine Residency Program