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TAFP Conference App

The TAFP Conference App includes the agenda for the 2021 C. Frank Webber Lectureship, CME evaluations, CME credit tracking, speaker information, handouts, and information about all meetings held in conjunction with CFW at the touch of a finger.

Download instructions

Search “TAFP” in the app store and install the app for free. Already have the TAFP CME Conference App? Click on the 2021 C. Frank Webber Lectureship.

Login instructions

You will be required to log in to the app to access the conference information. Your username is your email address (printed on the back of your name badge) and the password is cfw2021. If you prefer to use the app on your laptop, you can always access our the TAFP CME app by entering this link into your web browser: https://tafp.gatherdigital.com/apps/2322

Complete your CME evaluations via the TAFP Conference App!

Click on the “Agenda” button under the CFW event. On each CME session there is a link titled “CME Evaluation - ….” You will need to complete the evaluation and hit “Submit.” The app calculates your CME credits. After you submit the evaluation for each lecture, you can see how many credits you’ve earned by clicking on “My Credits.” Your certificate will reflect the credits tabulated in the app. Please see staff at registration for any questions.

TAFP Conference App FAQ

I want to use the app on my laptop. Is there a browser link?
If you prefer to use the app on your laptop, you can always access the TAFP Conference App through this link: https://tafp.gatherdigital.com/apps/2322. Your email login and password are on the back of your name badge.

I do not see the 2021 C. Frank Webber Lectureship event when I click on the app.
If you have opened the TAFP app and the 2021 CFW event doesn’t appear as one of the events, you may need to logout of the app and log in again.

My password is not working.
If your password is not working, please close the app and reload. If you have created your own password at a past event, you will need to use that password to log in. If you are still unable log in, please see staff in the registration area on site.

Where can I locate the agenda for 2021 CFW?
To find the agenda, click on the “Agenda” icon at the bottom of the home page of the 2021 CFW app. You can always locate any menu options by clicking the three bars in the top left corner of the app and a menu will drop down with each selection. Once you have clicked on the agenda, you will see the dates of the event at the top of the screen. You can click on each presentation for both days of CME.

Where are the CME evaluation links located in the app?
Under the agenda, you can click on a presentation title. Click on the presentation and you will see the CME evaluation link for that topic.

How do I earn CME credit in the app?
To earn your CME credit, click the “CME Evaluation” link to complete the evaluation for that topic. You will need to complete the evaluation and hit “Submit,” located at the top right screen for each evaluation. After you have submitted your evaluation for a specific topic, you will be redirected to the presentation page. There you should see a green checkmark by that evaluation. You should also receive a notification for each lecture you evaluate. When you submit each CME evaluation, the app calculates your CME credit for that presentation. To track your CME credits, please click on the “My Credits” icon located on the app menu or the event home. Please know that credits can take several minutes to generate and upload.

Where are the slides and handouts located in the app?
The slide and handouts for each CME presentation are under the agenda. Click on the presentation title and you will also see the slides and handouts for each topic available. Some slides are large and may take a few seconds to load on your device.

Where can I answer audience polling questions in the app?
Again, this is located under each presentation that will be using the audience polling questions. Not every speaker will use this tool. You will see the link named “Audience Polling Question - ….” Click on that link and as the speaker gets to the question in their slide presentation, the questions will appear and you can answer them on the spot.