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Promoting family medicine for the health of Texas

The Texas Academy of Family Physicians Political Action Committee carries the message of more than 7,000 Texas family physicians and their patients to state and federal decision-makers through grassroots involvement, personal relationships with elected officials, and political campaign participation and contributions.

TAFPPAC is a non-partisan political action committee that supports candidates who demonstrate support for issues important to family physicians and our patients.

Why get involved?

In today’s health care system, family physicians face a dramatic choice. We can do nothing and allow our adversaries — big insurance, personal injury trial lawyers, and some allied health professionals — to control the destiny of medicine, or we can take action and fight to protect our patients and our practices.

With the help and support of committed family physicians, TAFPPAC continues the vital work of electing candidates from across the state who are supportive of physicians, our specialty, and our patients. Having friends in the Texas Legislature and the courts is critical to our success.

With increased pressure from managed care companies, decreased payment, and the constant threat of scope of practice expansion, your commitment to TAFPPAC is needed now more than ever in the defense of quality medical care in Texas. We can and must fight back!

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Contact us

TAFPPAC staff is here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts, questions and concerns.

E-mail: tafppac@tafp.org

Phone: (512) 329-8666

Fax: (512) 329-8237

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