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What is TAFPPAC?
The Texas Academy of Family Physicians Political Action Committee speaks on behalf of more than 8,000 Texas family physicians, med students, and residents through grassroots involvement, personal relationships with elected officials, and political campaign participation and contributions. TAFPPAC is a non-partisan political action committee that supports candidates who demonstrate concern for issues important to family physicians and our patients.

Why is TAFPPAC important?
TAFPPAC enables us to increase our spheres of influence, and help elect family-medicine-friendly legislators who will help carry the water for us in Austin.

Most legislators have a personal physician, or they know one, TAFPPAC allows us to interact with legislators and make sure that they know how the legislation they consider will impact family physicians and patients alike.

Don’t my membership dues already support TAFPPAC?
No. Membership dues, by law, may not be used by the PAC. PAC participation is strictly voluntary and money raised by the PAC is not used to pay for our lobbying efforts in Austin. It is used to support the campaigns of the candidates we deem to be friends to us and who care about our patients’ concerns.

What has TAFPPAC accomplished thus far?
Tort reform was a major victory for Texans. Success in passing a creative loan repayment program was also a win. Our negotiations with nurse practitioners resulted in a better outcome for our patients and members. But more importantly, our advocacy efforts have helped prevent a lot of bad legislation.

How can I contribute to TAFPPAC?
Contributions can be made from a Professional Association, Professional Corporation, or Limited Liability Partnership, but cannot come from any corporate source. Contributions are voluntary and are not tax deductible. All contributions will be reported to the Texas Ethics Commission in accordance with state law.
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