Your Membership Matters

Explore the benefits of membership in TAFP and AAFP.

Join the conversation with the TAFP membership app

Get the TAFP membership app and stay up to date on the activities of your Academy. You can search for “TAFP” in the app store of your choice, download it and sign in to get started. The TAFP app serves as the hub of our community, offering a simple interface for group discussions among our councils, committees, and member interest groups.

We believe this is a valuable tool that will build a strong family medicine community for Texas. When prompted, please allow notifications. TAFP will send notifications when we have something important to share. You’ll also receive notifications for groups that you are part of as well as for messages from other TAFP members.

Download the app

To access member features in the app, log in using the email address TAFP/AAFP has on file for you. You’ll receive an authorization code to enter into the app. Once you are logged into the app, you’ll be able to see the member directory, and interact with groups that pertain to you.

Once you are logged in, click on the profile icon in the top right of the home screen to edit your profile. Because the contact information listed in your app profile is tied to your AAFP membership record, you can’t edit your name or contact info, but you can add a photo, a description, special interests, and your social media handles. Add your type of practice and/or practice passions to your “special interests,” which will be searchable in the directory. This will help the broader TAFP membership use the app as a networking tool. If something in your profile is incorrect, please contact us at

If you have ever used TAFP’s conference app to participate in our educational conferences, that app still exists. It has been updated to an orange icon and its name has changed to “TAFP Events.” It will still be used at live events and will host information like schedules, lecture materials, exhibitor lists, CME evaluations, and more. The new membership app has a blue icon and is called “TAFP.” This new app will help you stay up to date on the activities of your Academy, and will serve as the hub of the family physician community of Texas, offering a simple interface for group discussions among TAFP’s councils, committees, and member interest groups.

The new Messages feature functions similarly to most smart phone text messaging services. Tap the “Messages” icon in the menu on the bottom of your screen, then tap the blue pencil icon to write a new message. Tap the plus sign to search the member directory and select a colleague to message. You can also select multiple people to start a group message. Tap "Add" in the top right corner. Write your message just like you would a text message, and tap the blue arrow to the right of the message box to send it. If they have notifications turned on, they will receive a notification that you messaged them. Note that not all people in the member directory have downloaded the app.

Tap the “Groups” tile on the home screen, and you’ll see two tabs at the top of the Groups homepage – “My Groups” and “Join Groups.” If you are a council, committee, or board member, these groups will automatically be listed under “My Groups” once you log in to the app. This is where conversations will take place between in-person meetings. Tap a group to open its homepage, and you’ll see other members, as well as a message board where you can communicate with other members of the group. The second tab, “Join Groups,” shows other public groups you can join like Local Chapter Leaders, Solo and Small Group Practice, and more. Tap a group to join, see other members, and communicate via the message board.

Tap the “Members” icon in the menu on the bottom of your screen to see the full member directory. The member directory shows limited contact information and is only accessible once you are logged into the app as a TAFP member. You can scroll through the directory, or choose to search for a first or last name, or a keyword that may be listed as a special interest. Tap a name to see that member’s contact card. From here you can save the contact information to your device, or choose to send the member an email. 

In order to not miss notifications from TAFP, be sure to turn on the notifications for the app. When you open the app for the first time, your device will most likely prompt you to “Allow Notifications.” If you don’t know whether or not notifications are enabled, go to your device’s notification settings. Don’t worry – TAFP will not spam you with frequent notifications. You can also turn notifications off/on for any groups you join. Click the “Groups” tile on the home screen, and select a group. Tap the three dots in the top right corner, and choose “Notification Settings.” From here you can turn on push notifications for posts made within the group, as well as comments. 

If you need further assistance with the TAFP app, contact Samantha White.