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Explore the benefits of membership in TAFP and AAFP.

TAFP councils and committees

TAFP’s success depends on active engagement from members. TAFP has standing committees — Bylaws, Finance, and Nominating, each with three-year terms. For active members TAFP also has three councils — Workforce and Member Engagement, Medical Practice, and Health of the Public, each with two-year terms. Students and residents can be appointed to one-year terms.

Objective: To advance the specialty of family medicine and strengthen our organization.

The council will work to ensure a health care workforce sufficient to provide every Texan access to a personal family physician, foster the development of strong family physician leaders, and support a strong, engaged community of family physicians across Texas.

Objective: To support the family physicians of Texas and their practices.

The council will work to empower family physicians to achieve professional excellence and personal satisfaction, help members succeed in the ever-changing health care marketplace, reduce administrative burdens imposed on physicians by public and private payers so physicians can spend more time practicing medicine, and transform the U.S. health care system so family physicians and their patients can thrive.

Objective: To improve the health of Texans and their communities.

The council will work to increase access to high-quality health care for all Texans, improve the quality of primary care in Texas by providing continuing medical education and other forms of life-long learning opportunities to physicians, and support clinical research in family medicine dedicated to improving patient and public health.

The TAFP Bylaws Committee studies the TAFP Bylaws and makes recommendations for changes, deletions, and interpretations after consideration of submitted proposals.

The TAFP Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining a sound financial policy for the Academy, supervising the investments, maintaining reserves and their distribution, monitoring capital expenses, and reviewing profits and losses of the Academy’s various programs.

The TAFP Nominating Committee prepares nominations for the TAFP Board of Directors, officers, and delegates and alternate delegates to the AAFP Congress of Delegates, and makes recommendations regarding appointments to AAFP, the Texas Medical Association, the American Medical Association, other state committees and commissions, and any other appointments.