Sponsorship Opportunities

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Available for the Texas Family Medicine Symposium on June 4-6 and the Annual Session and Primary Care Summit on November 5-7

Be an integral part of the event festivities by staking your claim to one of the sponsorship opportunities available for our annual conferences. You can support a dessert break, power up attendee devices, have your name on lanyards and tote bags, or offer to-go coffee cups. With all these options, you can make sure your company stands out.

Your brand, logo, and representatives will get in front of family physicians who provide health care for individuals and families.

Sponsors of Texas Academy of Family Physician events will receive the following:

  • Signs at the conference
  • Acknowledgement in the slide show during the CME educational sessions
  • Your organization’s logo posted on the event website
  • "Thank you" banners for your organization in the event app
  • Recognition on TAFP’s social media channels before and after the event
  • Gratitude in a follow-up email to attendees after the event

Wi-Fi — $4,000 | Exclusive per event
Fast and free Wi-Fi is a highly valued and critical service, appreciated by attendees and exhibitors alike. Sponsoring Wi-Fi promotes your company brand as forward-thinking, innovative, and sensitive to customers’ needs. TAFP will customize the event network name and password to maximize brand recognition for your company. Attendees will know who to thank for the secure Wi-Fi at TAFP events.

Wi-Fi Sponsor benefits:

    • A sign at the registration desk listing your organization as the Wi-Fi sponsor, including the Wi-Fi details
    • Verbal recognition of your company and Wi-Fi information during the conference's welcoming remarks
    • Recognition of your company and Wi-Fi information on the mobile app

Water Bottles — $3,500 | Exclusive per event
Help our Annual Session and Primary Care Summit attendees stay hydrated at the conference — and long after — with water bottles imprinted with your company logo. We’ll pass them out to the anticipated attendees at the meeting and you’ll see your logo all over the event!

Water Bottle Sponsor benefits:

    • Your company logo on more than 500 water bottles, distributed to every attendee
    • Social media photos and announcements during the event
    • Verbal recognition of your company and your eco-friendly sponsorship during the conference welcome remarks

Connections Reception — $2,500
At a Connection Reception, old acquaintances are renewed, new acquaintances are made, and you get an invaluable opportunity to sponsor a fun and meaningful social event. After a long day of CME, attendees appreciate the opportunity to unwind and chat with colleagues and vendors at your sponsored reception, strategically located in the exhibit hall.

Connections Reception Sponsor benefits:

    • Recognition as sponsor
    • Option to play brief two-minute company video at the conclusion of education programing
    • Sponsor acknowledgement during welcome remarks
    • Option to provide two company logo signs, which will be placed by the bar at the reception
    • Option to name a signature beverage and a signature appetizer

Charging Station — $2,500 | Exclusive per event
Increase your branding presence in the TAFP education sessions with a branded charging station at every table. You’ll have big marketing power when you sponsor the event charging stations so TAFP attendees can keep their phones and tablets fully charged throughout the day. The charging stations will be branded with your company logo and contact information, and placed in front of each attendee at all of the education sessions.

Charging Station Sponsor benefits:

    • Marketing placement on each table in front of all attendees
    • Logo and contact information on the charging station
    • Sponsor recognition for charging stations during the conference welcome remarks

Beverage Break — $2,000 per break | Two available per event
Physicians will visit the exhibit hall looking for coffee and conversation. Your sponsorship provides refreshing beverages to them as they explore new concepts and the latest developments in the medical field. Your opportunity is now  drink it up. This one is for you!

Beverage Break Sponsor benefits:

    • Sign at the strategically placed beverage station
    • Location for your representatives to speak with attendees
    • Option to provide reusable travel mugs with your company logo

Dessert Bar — $2,000 | Exclusive per event
Everyone loves dessert! Sponsoring the dessert bar during the conference of your choice expands your brand exposure in a sweet new way. With this opportunity, you’ll be the exclusive dessert bar sponsor for all dessert breaks at the conference.

Dessert Bar Sponsor benefits:

    • Sign at the dessert bar
    • Location for your representatives to speak with attendees
    • Option to provide custom lounge furniture

Vendor Spotlight — $1,000 | Four available per event

Vendor Spotlight Sponsor benefits:

    • Inclusion in one email blast to all potential attendees, highlighting your company’s conference participation

Conference Tote Bags — Currently unavailable | Thank you Texas Medical Liability Trust
Every attendee receives a conference tote bag. Companies who select this sponsorship opportunity will have their company or product logo printed on each tote bag we distribute throughout the conference. You can also put your company or product logo on all tote bags we distribute at our three annual conferences, giving you a presence with conference attendees year-round.

Conference Lanyards — Currently unavailable | Thank you Texas Medical Liability Trust
Sponsor the lanyards TAFP will hand out at all three annual symposia to each conference attendee.

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To select one or more of TAFP's sponsorship options, complete the TAFP Marketing and Exhibits Application.

Questions? Contact Eva Keidel at ekeidel@tafp.org or (512) 470-0663.