Goodbye, TAFP Exchange. Hello to the all-new TAFP membership app!

By Jonathan Nelson
October 10, 2023

TAFP has a brand-new mobile app to help you stay up to date on the activities of your Academy. You can search for “TAFP” in the app store of your choice, download it and sign in to get started.

The TAFP app will now serve as the hub of our community, offering a simple interface for group discussions among our councils, committees, and member interest groups. We will close down the TAFP Exchange on Oct. 25, so get the app and get connected.

But wait, TAFP already has an app, right? If you have ever used TAFP’s conference app to participate in our educational conferences, that app still exists. It has been updated and its name has changed to “TAFP Events.”

Here’s how you set up the new TAFP app. Find the new TAFP app in your app store and download it. It has a blue icon. Log in using the email address TAFP/AAFP has on file for you. You’ll receive an authorization code to enter into the app to access member features. Once you are logged in, click on the profile icon in the top right of the home screen to edit your profile. Here you can add a profile photo.

When prompted, please allow notifications. TAFP will send notifications when we have something important to share. You’ll also receive notifications for groups that you are part of to keep the conversation going. Once in the app, you’ll see the main screen will provide all kinds of TAFP information, most of which link to At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a couple of buttons:

  • Click on “Members” to look up a colleague in the directory and send them an email. Because the contact information is tied to your membership record, you can’t edit your name or contact info, but you can add a description, special interests, and your social media handles. Add your type of practice and/or practice passions to your “special interests,” which will be searchable in the directory. This will help the broader TAFP membership use the app as a networking tool. If something in your profile is incorrect, please contact us at
  • Click on “Groups” to see what groups you have been assigned to, like councils, committees, and other public groups you can join. These act as message boards, where you can see the profiles of other members and interact via posts and comments.

For more information including a technical FAQ, click here. 

Questions, technical issues, or suggestions? Please contact Samantha White. Thank you in advance for interacting with your TAFP colleagues in our new membership app!

Download the app